Můj Bůh je má skála, v něm úkryt nalézám, můj štít, roh vítězství, můj hrad, má skrýš, mé vítězství – před násilím mě ochráníš! (2. Samuelova 22:3)
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You Can Get Involved

It has been an enormous privilege for us to be a part of one of the most important spiritual works of God in the Czech Republic today.  We expect to see His Kingdom grow greatly through the spreading of His Word. We invite you to get involved with us in this work of everlasting value.  Would you consider praying for this translation to encourage both Czech Christians and non-Christians to know God and give themselves completely to Him on a day to day basis?  We also invite you to make a US tax-deductible contribution to help publish these Bibles and get them into the hands of Czech people who have been crying out to God for hope, direction, and purpose.

You can support printing Bibles by making your check out as follows: Vineyard Northwest Church for Czech Bible Project. Vineyard Northwest will be collecting the donations and will forward them to us. Please send your check to Vineyard Community Church Northwest, 9165 Round Top Road, Cincinnati, OH 45251. If you have any questions about this approach, please contact John Green at 7376jg@gmail.com.

(You can also wire money directly to our bank account – see info in Contact information.)

Thank you so much!  We are grateful for your prayers and contributions!