Můj Bůh je má skála, v něm úkryt nalézám, můj štít, roh vítězství, můj hrad, má skrýš, mé vítězství – před násilím mě ochráníš! (2. Samuelova 22:3)
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I rejoice that this long-awaited translation of the Bible is finally completed. It offers us a new opportunity to read the Scriptures in a fresh and surprisingly vivid language. This translation counts among the reasons why I see the Bible reading as a never ending adventure.

Pavel Hošek, ThD

Associate Professor of Religion, Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles University

While this translation strives for accuracy, it is at the same time readable, smooth, and fresh. It is written in a good Czech – which is still rather exceptional among our Bible versions. Simply and shortly, I would dare to say that Bible21 is currently the best Czech translation available.

PhDr. Josef Bartoň, ThD
Department of Biblical Studies, Catholic Theological Faculty of Charles University

I congratulate you on completion of your work. It is truly respectable.

Leo Pavlát, PhD

Director, Jewish Museum, Prague

This translation is a useful tool for a serious Bible study. At the same time, it is suitable for personal meditation, prayer, and sharing with other people, because its language is easy to understand. I believe that Bible21 will encourage both religious and secular readers to get acquainted with the Word of God.

ThDr. Pavel Černý, ThD
General Secretary, Ecumenical Council of Churches in the Czech Republic

The text is written in a smooth, perhaps even too contemporary, Czech. It is a very bold translation – especially in comparison to the older one. Without a doubt, it is going to be very beneficial.

Josef Vintr, PhD
Professor Emeritus, Institute of Slavic Studies, University of Vienna

Bible21 has a potential to reach people who would otherwise not choose to read the Good Book. It is easy to understand for people of all age categories.

Daniel Raus
Journalist, Czech National Radio
The 21st Century Translation makes daily Bible reading a refreshing experience for a wide range of Christians, including myself. It is also a convenient missional translation, accessible in its form, yet uncompromising in its content.
Jiri Unger
president of the European Evangelical Alliance
All those who desire to bring the message of Christ to the Czech secular society need the 21st Century Translation. I love to read it myself, and proudly recommend it to everyone interested in the Bible. This is a contemporary translation for the upcoming generations.


Stanislav Bubik, No Boundaries Church
leader of a national network of churches